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Britta Koepf, CFP®, ChSNC®
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Unlike the great majority of the finance world, everything Britta does at Practical Financial Planning is focused on one overriding concern: What is in the best interest of the client?

By focusing intently on improving your financial situation, she frees more of your own time and energy to devote to what’s truly important in your life—the pursuits you find fulfilling, the ideas you’re passionate about, and the people you love. At Practical Financial Planning, Britta is there to help you get the most out of more than just your money. Financial planning isn’t just about making your stack of green paper larger; financial planning is finding the best ways to use your green paper (or figures listed on a bank website) to help you build a fantastic life.

The financial world is complicated. But your finances don’t have to be. Above all else, Britta believes professional financial guidance should work to benefit you, the client. Your plan should be straightforward, easy to understand, and effective. And while your advisor should be able to explain your plan to you in as much detail as you might like, you shouldn’t have to become a finance expert yourself for your plan to work.

From its earliest days, it has been the mission of Practical Financial Planning to deliver high quality, no-commission financial guidance in the undivided best interest of the client. They have only one ambition: to be your trusted partner in creating financial confidence. Because the moment you stop worrying about money, life gets better™.

Britta is a graduate of Hiram College and the University of Akron’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ education program. She also holds the Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC®) designation. 

Britta lives in Brooklyn Heights with her partner Craig and her dog, Wombat (who is also head of public relations at Practical Financial Planning) and enjoys the theater and ballroom dancing. She is a proud Hufflepuff who believes Hufflepuffs make the best financial planners because they are natural fiduciaries.

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