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Trace Tisler, CFP®
Epic Financial, LLC

Hi, I’m Trace. I’ve been providing financial planning and investment advice for the past decade. I started as a financial analyst at a nationally recognized, high net worth wealth management firm in Akron. At the age of 27 I was the Director of Wealth Management, managing more than 100 million dollars in client portfolios. I learned a lot about what makes someone successful and found that by putting transparency and honesty to work, we can shut down the complexity that often surrounds the industry and give roadmaps to financial success to everyone who wants one.

I meet with clients personally and handle the ins and outs, ups and downs of all client planning and implementation. I can often be found nerding out over spreadsheets.

Can’t be interrupted when: Radiolab is playing.
Favorite beer: Bells Two Hearted Ale
Best fly fishing spot: Frying Pan in CO
Beach or mountains? Mountains. In a camper.

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