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Ryan Bayonnet, CFP®, MSF
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Ryan Bayonnet is a Certified Financial Planner® and founder of Hyland Financial Planning. Ryan founded Hyland to empower professionals and families to discover and reach their life goals while building a stable financial future. Through years of education and industry experience, he has acquired an in-depth expertise in many areas of wealth management, specifically in retirement planning, tax planning, and investment management. Prior to founding Hyland, Ryan spent time at two prestigious wealth management firms. He immediately fell in love with financial planning after entering the industry. The love for financial planning was ingrained even deeper when he was introduced into fee-only comprehensive planning while working at the latter of the two firms.

Ryan’s firm, Hyland Financial Planning is a Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) serving clients in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland. No matter geographical location you can rest assured as Ryan has signed a fiduciary oath to always act in his client’s best interest.

Ryan has earned a Masters of Finance degree from The Ohio State University, an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Akron, and a Certificate in Financial Planning from The Ohio State University. He takes an academic approach while constructing client’s financial plans and investment portfolios.

During his time in the industry, Ryan has completed the rigorous requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), the highest designation for financial advisors. CFP®’s must have a minimum education level of a bachelor’s degree and specific coursework in financial planning. CFP®’s must pass a comprehensive six hour examination, and must have at least three years of professional financial planning experience before holding the title. CFP​®’s are required to maintain their expertise through continuing education. Finally, Ryan holds a Series 65 Securities License through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

MD Preferred Services

​Each year, US Medical Specialties, Inc., an international medical consulting firm, helps physicians and other healthcare professionals find community based, “doctor friendly” financial advisors. Ryan M. Bayonnet, CFP®, EA of Hyland Financial Planning has been recognized by MD Preferred for his service to physicians. Every MD Preferred affiliated professional is recognized for their commitment to serving the healthcare industry. They often work in close concert with other community based professionals helping area medical providers attract and retain talented physicians and medical staff. Advisors who display the MD Preferred Service Medallion are uniquely qualified to act as recruiting partners to area practice managers and hospital administrators. These knowledgeable professionals can tell the community story while the medical recruiter focuses on the clinical opportunity. Their understanding of the special needs of physicians and their families saves everyone time and resources.”

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